Shoot the fish monsters eating your villagers by sacrificing your villagers as ammo in this zany VR wave blaster!

Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S, and HTC Vive compatible

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The Story

In Blobkin Blaster you play as the Blobking, an ancient magical blob of water who has come to life and created a sanctuary for other living magical creatures known as Blobkin. You and your Blobkin villagers reside in a small dome at the bottom of a tide pool somewhere off the Pacific North American coast.

You start the game with a small group of villagers, a water gun-looking Blaster, and a Bubble Dome generator. All is peaceful for a few moments as you settle in.

But then the tide rises…

His Royal Majesty, the Blobking

His Royal Majesty, the Blobking

Lion Fishkers - one of the many types of Fishker enemies

Lion Fishkers - one of the many types of Fishker enemies


At high tide, enemies appear — Fishkers! These angry fish-looking creatures swoop, suck, and bite your Blobkins to bits. Blast them back with your Blaster, but be aware: your ammo is limited and your Bubble Dome is dissipating quickly!

Faced with hungry Fishkers and the threat of drowning, you must replenish your ammo and your Dome by using the very thing you’re trying to protect — the Blobkin!



Shove Blobkin into your Blaster to generate more ammo, or into the generator to keep your Dome up!

Don’t worry, you can multiply your Blobkin numbers by feeding them.

Each blasted Fishker provides enough food to create two or three more Blobkins, giving you and your villagers a fighting chance!

One of your loyal—and soon to be sacrificed—Blobkin villagers

One of your loyal—and soon to be sacrificed—Blobkin villagers

Sea Cow has all your Blaster needs covered

Sea Cow has all your Blaster needs covered


As the tide recedes, you’re given a short time to collect yourself and prepare for the next Fishker attack.

Recuperate and rebuild by searching the nearby tide pool for help. Look for special Blobkins or invite new sea friends to protect you and your villagers!

Ultimately a game of survival, what will you choose? Better Blasters? A bigger Dome for more sacrificial Blobkin? Or keeping it small and lean? The choice is yours, but the tide is rising!

How to Play

Grab the Blaster with one hand, a Blobkin with the other, then stick the Blobkin with your gun’s needle end (the bottom of the hilt) to suck up their life!

Blast Fishkers that portal in to attack your village! The Fishkers will drop food when shot. Your Blobkin can eat the food and multiply, making new Blobkin to help you defend your home!

The game ends when you lose all your Blobkin villagers.


  • Hold down grip buttons to pick up

  • Trigger shoots on whichever hand is holding the gun


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We are actively working on Blobkin Blaster and are aiming for a summer 2020 release. Feel free to download the alpha and let us know what you think!

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