A Moment of SZEN with K.Phipps


Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing short interviews with some of the key creators that worked on SZEN, our musical, meditative VR experience. The series begins with today’s featured artist: K.Phipps!

I’m K.Phipps, a.k.a. PhantomMuse. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a focus on digital arts.

At Theory, I’m an Assistant Project Coordinator, Junior 2D Artist, Social Media Coordinator, Water Ninja, and Font Master. All of these unique titles means that, by day, you’ll find me helping to manage Theory projects and contributing any artworks needed for said projects. By night, I’m still doing that, in case there are any last minute, speedy changes.

Long ago in distant time, I was a digital art student at the University of Tampa. My 3D animation/modeling professor recommended I contact Theory co-founder David Andrade about an internship for the summer of 2017. I had already met David at a previous panel Theory had hosted, and once again when David gave a “what to do after graduation” talk to one my classes. I e-mailed David about my interest in working at Theory, and I’ve been here ever since.

My role on SZEN is that of 2D artist. I helped draw some of the drawings you can discover scattered around the cave.

To me, SZEN is more than a meditative VR experience. It’s a nocturne of relaxing mysteries, and if even one person looks at everything and has their breath taken away, then I’ll be happy.

How do I find my SZEN? Music. Always music~

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