A Moment of SZEN with Kate Sims


Hello! I'm a faerie...whoops! What I mean is, hello! My name is Kate Sims. I am an artist, storyteller, and professional nag-master. Around Theory, I'm known as a project manager, a writer, and a 2D artist. Basically I sketch, yell, sketch, and yell some more.

I have two degrees, one in theater and one in film. They're from separate schools, but for both, I concentrated mainly on production. After getting my second degree, I decided film wasn’t for me and went back to my old professor for advice. It was then that I ran into Michael Richardson, one of Theory's creative directors/CG leads, who in turn introduced me to Theory co-founder David Andrade. Next thing I know, I'm part of Theory.

When SZEN first began production, I was a Theory apprentice. I was doing environment art at the time, and did half the paintings you’ll see in the cave. About halfway through, I picked up project coordinating, although that role was sadly short-lived; I got whisked away to the client side of Theory because of it. In a way, I owe SZEN my current project manager status, so SZEN is very dear to me.

To me, SZEN is a VR experience guided by amazing music. It’s an escape from the hub-bub of our chaotic, noisy world into a place of serene wonder.  I'd like people to experience it and find their own SZEN. Seriously! That's a core concept of the experience.

If SZEN does well, and the team is good with it, I’d like to expand the areas one can SZEN-out in. A while back, we had imagined multiple areas one could visit. It would be really fun to revisit that idea.

How do I find my SZEN? Honestly, I listen to music and let my mind build a world or a story off of that. I just chill and let my mind run wild, like a kid in a park! That, or find a nice waterside to sit by and listen to. Even then, I usually bring music too.

SZEN, our musical, meditative VR experience, arrives on January 30th.

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