A Moment of SZEN with Costas Frost


Hi there! My name's Costas Frost. I have a BFA in animation from SMFA/Tufts, where I went specifically to learn 3D animation. At Theory, I'm a game developer, and while I normally do modeling and texturing, I'm getting more into coding and technical art, too.

Theory came into my life through the Boston Blender User Group. I'd gone to a meeting where Patrick Crawford (Theory's Artist Software Developer/Tools Ninja) was giving a demo on Python for Blender.  Patrick told me about his work with Theory and that they were looking for people who had VR and Unreal experience.  I sat in on a Theory meeting, liked what I saw, and joined up! It was a blast to work with Theory on this project, especially the SZEN team! They are a great, highly-motivated group, and their support kept me going during the production phase.

I wore many hats on SZEN: sculpting creatures, texturing, modeling, and doing the layout for most of the cave.  I also ended up working on particle effects and special effects for the project. I drew inspiration primarily from theBlu's sense of scale and also from Myst's similar "created world" concept. Both have a sense of wonder about them that I tried to channel into my work.

While SZEN has a story, to me its main purpose is help people find a personal sense of peace and calmness—their own moment of SZEN. They go through this experience. It's up to them to interpret what they've seen and heard and felt. In that way, there are many possible sides to infer from SZEN.

I find my own SZEN by staring at the ocean or at fire. They've always been calming to me and, when you pay attention, they're both fairly amazing sensory experiences.  I also sometimes like the desert, both for its vastness and for the calm quiet that comes from an ocean of ever-changing sand. My hope is that SZEN will do the same for our audience, helping them to relax a little bit and take things slow and steady.

What would I like to do next after SZEN? I mean, I would love to go to the Kennedy Space Center...

SZEN, our musical, meditative VR experience, arrives on January 30th.

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