A Moment of SZEN with Daniel Manoiu


I’m Daniel Manoiu and I’m a composer/pianist/educator and video game developer living in Los Angeles. I have a doctorate degree in music composition and technology from the University of Miami (go Canes!).

The story of how I came to Theory begins back in 2013. I had written the music for a film that was being screened at the Gasparilla Film Festival in Tampa. The legendary Theory co-founder David Andrade was in the audience and he gave me his card. He let me know about this cool show, Ray & Clovis, he was working on, and that they might need some original music. I agreed, and have had the honor of composing music for R&C and several other amazing Theory projects since then.

When creator Szymon Buhajczuk pitched the idea of SZEN and described how important music would be to the experience, I was immediately on board to write the score. Two of the main pillars of SZEN are things that I am very passionate about: virtual reality immersion and music-based storytelling.

I hope the audience will enjoy this experience. The goal was to give them an opportunity to escape their fast paced routine-filled daily grind. We wanted to give them time to relax and explore in this fantastic virtual world.

My hope is that SZEN will lead to Theory creating more experiences like it. As VR technology evolves, we are reaching a point where there will be no limits to what can be achieved. We'll be able to do so much with our boundless imagination and creativity. I look forward to seeing what we'll come up with next.

How do I find my SZEN? I sit on the beach alone at night, and listen to the Symphony of the Pacific Ocean.


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