These days, apps keep kids stagnant, their minds passively occupied. What if there was an app that sparked curiosity in multiple ways?

Meet the Spectacular Sarah Hoppits!

Sarah Hoppits is a bunny who loves to read! The only thing she loves more is sharing her beloved stories with friends. Through your smart device, Sarah and her collection of STEAM stories (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math) come to life before your eyes!

Explore real-life places like the Pyramids of Giza, or take a deeper look at science with The Tale of a Light Particle. Once you've finished a book, join Sarah in her homeworld of Kurius to play mini games, unlocking items to customize Sarah's look and style!

What adventure awaits in your book?

What adventure awaits in your book?

Inside Sarah's World

The Spectacular Sarah Hoppits is an augmented reality (AR) app that encourages reading comprehension and knowledge in the areas of science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math. Choose one of Sarah's books to be delivered to your device in PDF format, and through the magic of AR, Sarah's stories are turned into animated scenes that pop up on your device!

Take a 360° look around, putting yourself in a front row seat to the action as you explore Sarah’s magical book. When you are done, Sarah keeps the book in her library where you can revisit it anytime.


Mini Games & Customization

Each of Sarah's stories comes with a brain-teaser game, which is unlocked in Sarah's homeworld of Kurius. Each region of Kurius is divided by educational avenue, housing a mini game associated with its particular subject.

Mini-games include color-matching to teach primary and secondary colors, memory tiles to work with compatible elements, or a word scramble to help teach Sarah to spell words correctly. Score accurately enough and new accessories and skins can be won for Sarah.

After all, your best friend should be your best friend.

Sarah's love for stories doesn't end with her books; she wants to hear your story, too! Tell Sarah your own story, and she'll listen and react to what you say thanks to the power of AI speech-recognition!


Current Development & Next Steps

Currently the prototype is complete. We’ve implemented basic character animation, ensured user interactions are functioning, and mapped out the game design tree. Our next steps are implementing a deeper game design tree, working on mechanics (book finding, voice recognition), and polishing the artwork. We are looking into the logistics of printing and shipping Sarah's books in physical form.

Target Audience & Goals

Though Sarah loves kids of all ages, we are aiming for kids between 6-11 years old.

Our goal is to encourage movement and play around the home with a strong dose of discovery. Ultimately, we’d like to create a generation of young adults excited about STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math) and want to use Sarah as a vehicle to discover each of those topics.


Prototype Video

Prototype demo on a Galaxy S8

Prototype demo on a Galaxy S8


Sarah’s New Style


The Team

We’re Theory Studios, an Emmy-nominated animation and mixed-reality company based out of Orlando, Florida and Calgary, Alberta.

Our work includes collaborating with Walt Disney Imagineering on AR experiences, designing ride graphics for Universal Orlando Resort, and crafting animation for Chuck E. Cheese, Sesame Street, the TV series Silicon Valley, and many more.

The Spectacular Sarah Hoppits is led and designed by Kate Sims, a leader and manager of Theory Studio’s projects in theme parks, health care, and animation. Kate has worked in production design for theme-parks and is a playwright producer. She has an active audience of three younger siblings (ages 8-11) who act as Sarah's testers.

Kate Sims, Lead Game Designer for  Sarah Hoppits

Kate Sims, Lead Game Designer for Sarah Hoppits

Sarah and some of her many friends you’ll encounter on your adventures

Sarah and some of her many friends you’ll encounter on your adventures


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